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You can print your accomplishments on a page, or buy a luxury car, but the most prominent way to show your wealth is your perfume. Luxury companies make extremely expensive perfumes for this matter particularly. From perfumes ranging from $435,000 to less expensive fragrances worth $250, all are present in the market. So we here at The Superlative have researched and handpicked the most expensive perfumes for you. So lets start! 


1. Clive Christian’s No.1 Imperial Majesty


This fragrance is currently the most expensive perfume in the world for men. It has a mindboggling price of $435,000. The bottle contains only 500 ml, and contains ingredients such as mandarin oranges, cardamom, cedarwood, and many more which gives this perfume a distinctive smell. 


Its bottle is truly luxurious. It is made of Baccarat crystal with 5 carats of white diamond rooted into it. The top of the bottle also has 18 carats of gold in it. Which makes it very expensive and extravagant. 


2. Gianni Vive Sulman Parfum VI


This amazing perfume has stayed as the favourite scent of Michael Jackson, the Pop god. It costs around $89,000. Its packaging is splendid. Made out of gold with a key made of rubies and diamonds, with the box made of exotic wood, and the stopper made of a diamond-wreath, its high price can easily be validated.  


Its ingredients are mostly made up from mixtures of magnificent objects such as Jasmine Rose, Rose from Grasse, and other ingredients from classical ingredients which the company keeps a secret. Walking in a room wearing this scent will make you a black swan and it will take no time when people will approach you asking of your addictive scent. Moreover, wearing this perfume will make you common to the most popular name in the music industry ever. 


3. Paco Rabanne LUXE Edition Perfume


This magnificent perfume is the product of the famous spanish fashion designer, Paco Rabanne. This perfume is distinctive in the perfume industry and none match it with class and elegance. It is not an astonishing fact that this specific perfume is present in the list of one of the most expensive perfumes ever. 


The perfume arrives in a bag-shaped case. The bag is extremely swagger. It is made out of 2 continuous 18-carat gold designs. The bottle itself is also made of gold. There is something something with luxuries and gold since the start of time right? The top of the bottle is made up of diamond. The scent is made of amber, white wood, cinnamon, and tens of other ingredients the company keeps secret. If they share the ingredients, everyone will copy them and make their own products similar to them. Then where will be the uniqueness of their own product? So they 

play it smart and keep it secret. Once you buy this product, its price will seem to you as underrated and understating. 


4. Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition


For those who own an S class Bentley car, this perfume is for them. It matches with the aesthetic sense of the Bentley car. The company called Lalique collaborated with the legendary car company Bentley and made this beast.  


Its outer case is made of exotic wood. The bottle is made of shining crystal. White angel wings are attached on the above side of the container. Its total contents are equal to 40 ml. The ingredients are made up of a mixture of cedar,patchouli, and much more! The perfume does not come for free with a Bentley car rather you have to spend $4,600 to buy this perfume. 


5. Caron Poivre


We are slowly descending in our prices and showing more affordable perfumes in the list now. We have finished half of our list. So this perfume is believed to be the 5th most expensive perfume for men. It is sold at a price for $2800 per bottle. And each bottle contains no more than 2.8 ounces which makes a SINGLE ounce cost about $1000. 


It is no surprise that the luxurious bottle will be made of a rare mineral like other expensive perfumes, well it is. It is made of Baccarat crystal. The ingredients include tens of combinations of objects such as cloves, rose, lavender, lily. Sandalwood, cedar, and other ingredients as expected, are secret and known only to the company. This perfume is not that much expensive and can be bought without stressing out the budget line. Moreover, women can also use and benefit from it. 


6. Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume


Clive Christian will be coming again and again in this list because they combine absolute luxury, quality designs with the best fragrances. So who could it be other than them? This royal perfume sells at a price of $2,150 per ounce.  


The packaging holds an official royal badge with it. Baccarat crystal is what its bottle is made up of. But the prime thing is what the bottle holds inside. The bottle is so grand that it won the UK FIFI award for best packaging in 2006. Cardamom, jasmine, sandalwood, grapefruit, nutmeg, and many  more ingredients are present in this virtuoso bottle. Hundreds of famous celebrities, models, and royals use this grand perfume. You can have something in common with them too by buying it at a price of $2,150 per ounce. 




7. Annick Goutal Eau D’Hadrien Perfume

 A single ounce of this perfume costs about $448. You can either buy the whole bottle at the price of $1,500 or buy only one ounce. It was made by the french designers Annick Goutal and Francis Camail. This perfume ranks 7th on our list. As predicted, its bottle is made of Baccarat crystal. However, its bottle shape is quite different and much more stylish and voguish.  


This perfume is for those men whose feminine side is touch with them. Masculinity is what the bottle resembles, and masculinity is what is contained in the box. Ingredients like cypress, grapefruit, and Sicilian lemons are included in the ingredients. Other ingredients such as madarin and ylang-ylang are also included in the bottle. Its price is very less compared to the quality that it provides directly shipped from France. The perfume has won the FIFI Award Hall of Fame 2008. 


8. C for Men Clive Christian 


This is currently the 3rd Clive Christian perfume that has come in our list. Clive Christian’s perfume has absolutely no match. It has a similar version for ladies, and this particular model was made after the woman perfume was a huge success.  


The packaging is the same for both women and men. Both the bottles contain 50ml of perfume. It is sold at a price of $350. Its price is very less compared to all the other perfumes that we have mentioned before but the quality is not compromised upon. Its ingredients are composed of amber,rose, green leaves, tonka, and many more. If you use the men and women fragrance together, it is said that it will then last longer if you use one of them alone. If a couple is going together on some event, this is the perfect choice for both of them as they both will be distinctive in the crowd. 


9. Clive Christian 1872 Perfume Spray


This the 4th Clive Christian fragrance in our list and officially the 9th most expensive perfume in the world. If somebody wants to smell like a millionaire without spending millions on his perfumes. It costs around $300. A box is included that holds the bottle. Moreover, this comparatively cheap perfume has all the elegancies of a Clive Christian perfume. From the vertical bottle shape to the official Royal badge, it has all. 


The bottle contains about 50 ml of fragrance and the color of the bottle is green. Notes include spicy, sweet, floral,woody, and many more. Being it cheap doesn’t mean that it won’t make you smell like a millionaire.

10. Ambre Topkapi 60ml


On the last number we have Ambre Topkapi perfume. It is exclusively for men. Named after the royal palace of Istanbul, The Topkapi Palace, it has nothing to do with it in fact it has been made by a Frenchman Pierre Bourdon. It has many ingredients in it including cinnamon, pineapple, grapefruit,thyme,lavender, ginger, and many many more.  


With so many ingredients, a person might think that the perfume may smell a little too dense and there might be conflict in its smell. However, it has absolutely the perfect combination needed for a distinctive blend. It costs about $250. Due to a little less price, it comes with only a bottle made of Baccarat crystal, otherwise, no overly stylish design or precious gem is attached to it. But its cover is made of Resin bust and adds that touch to luxury! 


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