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1.1 Communication IT infrastructure 

1.1 Communication IT infrastructure


Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is one of the most powerful and secure server platforms available. Unlike its free version (CentOS), RHEL brings with it outstanding support and hardware integration. The RHEL platform is optimized for scalability, security, data integrity, application development, efficiency and reliability. And you won't incur additional costs for database systems, Web servers, virtualization or data encryption. Coupling cost-effectiveness with real reliability and security, RHEL is a capable platform for enterprise-level servers. 

One of the most power and secure server platform is the Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL). RHEL bears outstanding support and hardware integration, contradictory to it’s free version(CentOs). RHEL platform is perfect for efficiency, reliability, safety and much more. And there won’t be extra money for data encryption, virtualization, Web servers, and database systems. Pairing realreliability with cost efficiency and safety, RHEL is an adequate platform for servers which are enterprise-level. 


If support isn't a requirement for your business server software, you could choose CentOS. CentOS, the server operating system forked from RHEL, is a community enterprise operating system that is rock solid and completely open source. 

One can pick CentOS if support is not a requirement for it’s work server software. RHEL’s forked server operating integral, CentOS, is a society enterprise operating system which is an open source and very strong. 

The LAMP bundle can be combined with many other free and open-source software packages, such as the following: 

Other free and open-source software packages can also be amalgamated with the LAMP bundle such as the ones below. 

netsniff-ng for security testing and hardening 

For hardening and safety testing, netsniff-ng 

Snort, an intrusion detection (IDS) and intrusion prevention (IPS) system 

For intrusion prevention (IPS) and burglar detection(IDS), Snort system 

RRDtool for diagrams 

RRDtool for diagrams 

Nagios, Collectd or Cacti, for monitoring. 

For surveillance, Nagios, Collectd or Cacti 


1.2 OrangeHRM 

1.2        OrangeHRM 

OrangeHRM is not one of the most powerful human resource management (HRM) tools available. But, as one of the best Linux applications, OrangeHRM includes modules for administration, leave, personal information management, time, employee self-service, recruitment/applicant tracking, performance and an audit trail. You can also purchase and install modules for uses such as training, budgets, job and salary history and document management. OrangeHRM excels well beyond other open-source tools in the user-friendly interface and simple installation. Where many HRM tools bog down in an often overly complicated installation process, OrangeHRM is a Webbased tool that installs quickly and easily over an existing LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. 

One of the most powerful human resource management tools available is OangeHRM. From an Audit trail to modules for administration, all are present in the best Linux application, OrangeHRM. Document management, salary history, job, budgets, and training modules can be bought and inducted by one. In doing basic installations and user-friendly interfaces, OrangeHRM is better than other open-source tools. Overly sophisticated installation processes are recurrent in other HRM tools. LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySQL,PHP) are easily installed by OrangeHRM. 

1.3 Openbravo 

1.3        Openbravo 

Openbravo is to ERP what OrangeHRM is to HRM. This particular take on the ERP system handles all enterprise company management tasks, such as finances, supply chain and manufacturing. Openbravo includes modules for finance and accounting, purchasing management, sales management, inventory management, project management, production management, point of sale and business intelligence. The Java-based ERP application features an intuitive user interface, Web-based access, customizable workspaces, multi-tab design for multi-tasking, customizable reporting, multi-division support, multi-currency support and more. Openbravo is offered in a free Community edition and a Professional edition to help the management and planning of company resources. 

Openbravo is the same to ERP as OrangeHRM is to HRM. From enterprise company management tasks, to manufacturing, Openbravo handles all. Modules for business intelligence ,project management, production management, point of sale, sales management, finance and accounting, and purchasing management, all are included by Openbravo. Intuitive user interface, customizable workspace, multi-tab design for multi-tasking, and more, Openbravo features them all. It is offered in two editions, Community edition, which is free, and a pro edition, which is for cost to help planning of a company administration. 

1.4 Nagios 

1.4     Nagios 

Nagios has quickly become the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring and one of the best Linux applications. With this single tool, you can monitor your entire infrastructure, spot problems before they occur, plan for infrastructure updates, get alerts when problems arise, coordinate responses to issues, ensure service-level agreements are being met, escalate alerts and more. This app works within multi-tenant environments and can expand with integration into many third-party applications. 

One of the best Linux application and industry standard in IT infrastructure is Nagios. One can get alerts when problem arise, coordinate response to issues, plan for infrastructural updates, and more with this single tool. It can amplify into third party applications and work within multi-tenant atmosphere. 


The one caveat to Nagios is that incredible power comes with incredible complexity. The Nagios installation isn't for the faint of heart; there is no simple point-and-click installation. Once up and running, however, Nagios has more information and features than you'll find in most proprietary solutions. 

One problem that comes with Nagios is it’s incredible complication. There is no simple point-andclick installation, rather it’s quite sophisticated. Once working, it provides with more knowledge and details than any other proprietary solution. 

1.5 Amanda 

1.5          Amanda 

Amanda is one of the best Linux enterprise backup solutions. This open source backup product backs up multiple hosts over a network from a single master backup server. Amanda uses native utilities to back up Linux and Unix servers or desktops and uses a native Windows client to back up Windows desktops and servers. This network-aware product runs incremental and full backups and supports tapes, disks, optical media, storage clouds and changers. 

One of the best Linux enterprise backup solution is Amanda. From a single master backup server, it can backup several hosts over a network. It uses native Windows customer to backup Windows desktop and servers and native utilities to backup Linux and Unix desktops and servers. This product runs changers, storage clouds, full backups, and much more. 

Amanda is complex: a command-line backup tool with plenty of administration tools built-in. It may prove more challenging than other products on the market, but once you have it set up and running properly, Amanda will serve an enterprise's backup needs for a very long time. 

Amanda is complicated: lots and lots of management tools built in. It will me much more harder to setup than other systems in the market, but once it’s working, it will handle one’s need for a long run. 

Linux was made for the enterprise. With a server platform capable of handling anything your IT staff throws its way, Linux enables plenty of tools, systems and software to expand and secure your business. With the continued complexity, rising cost and challenges of licensing Microsoft products, Linux will not only continue to grow, but will eventually take over an even larger role in the day-to-day business. 


Linux is perfect for enterprise. For the safety of one’s business, Linux enables many tools, and systems to enlarge one’s business. Linux will continue to expand, and take even a larger role even with it’s complications. 


1.6 xTuple 

1.6 xTuple 

Billing itself as "supply chain management software for growing businesses," xTuple focuses on businesses that have outgrown their conventional small business ERP and CRM solutions. Its open source version, called Postbooks, adds some inventory, distribution, purchasing, and vendor reporting features to its core accounting, CRM, and ERP capabilities, and a commercial version expands the features for manufacturers and distributors. 

Its calls itself the “supply chain management software for new entrepreneurs,” businesses that have grown their conventional small businesses ERP and CRM solutions, that’s is what xTuple focuses on. Postbooks, it’s open source version, includes inventory, CRM and ERP capabilities, distribution, and much more. 

xTuple is available under the Common Public Attribution License (CPAL), and the project welcomes developers to fork it to create other business software for inventory-based manufacturers. Its web app core is written in JavaScript, and its source code can be found on GitHub.

 Under the Common Public Attribution(CPAL), xTuple is accessible, developers are greeted to use it to make new business softwares. JavaScript is in what it’s web core is written of, and on GitHub, it’s source code can be found. 


1.7 NetBase for social listening 

1.7  NetBase for social listening 


We use NetBase primarily to monitor our brand health but over the course of the last 3+ years that we have been with NetBase, our account manager/reps have helped us discover several other ways that the platform can provide intelligence. We now use NetBase for competitive analysis, crisis management/monitoring, and campaign performance. These are all areas that our organization had never before had insights to. It has also helped us become better connected with our different business lines/industries. 


Over the course of previous 3+ years, one uses NetBase to observe on their health brand and with it, they have perceived many other procedures that can be followed to provide intelligence on the platform with the help of their reps. Campaign performance, competitive analysis, and crisis management is what they use Netbase for. Insights were never popular in these areas by one’s organization. Better connection with other business lines is what it had helped with. 


NetBase's overall dedication and efforts towards improving the system, releasing regularly scheduled product release updates. --Superior customer service and always so very knowledgeable. Our account reps have truly become an extension of our organization and really get our business. --Visualization/ visual dashboards make insights easy to understand, especially when we are distributing reports to key stakeholders throughout our organization who may not be as familiar with our world and lingo. --The platform does a remarkable job deciphering emojis/emoticons, slang, and alternative spelling. --Customizable dashboards/dashboard templates have made my life as a social media analyst MUCH easier. 

It’s regular scheduled product releases, it’s dedication towards bettering the system, acknowledging customer advices. Their account managers have gotten the business and become and extension of their organization. Distributing reports to main stakeholders who are not familiar with our language, visual dashboards help insights to be easily understood. Emojis, alternate spelling, slangs are all deciphered by the platform. One’s life as a social media analyst has been made very easy due to customizable dashboards 


The dashboard reporting formatting can be a bit tedious at first in terms of ensuring all of your metrics/widgets fit together on the same page 


 In the first time, dashboard reporting formatting can be a little tiresome making sure that your metrics fit combined on the same page.  



1.8 MicroStrategy 

1.8  MicroStrategy 

Comprehensive platform for enterprise analytics and mobility. MicroStrategy helps business people make faster, better business decisions, empowering them with self-service tools to explore data and share insights in minutes. Simple drag-and-drop tools are paired with intuitive visualizations. Quick connections to any data source are combined with one-click sharing of any insight. And underlying it all is the security and governance of an enterprise-caliber BI solution. Can the one-dimensional data discovery vendors say the same. 


A platform for mobility and enterprise analytics. Better business decisions, helps people make faster decisions, and much more, it all can be helped by MicroStrategy. Intuitive visuals combined with basic drag-and-drop tools. Single-click sharing of any insight paired with fast connections to any data source. And governance of an enterprise-level BI solution and beneath it is all the safety. Are the one-dimensional data revelation vendors able to say the equal?