Will Elon Musk be the World's first Trillionaire?

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This video is about how filthy rich Elon Musk is and how much he owns from several business ventures of his. After watching this video, you will be able to know if Elon Musk is going to pass Jeff Bezos in wealth and become the first trillionaire ever! So let’s begin 



His company Tesla has been his most successful venture and it reached a record market value of 86.5 Billion US Dollars. He owns 22% of the company. That makes his personal wealth 19030000000 US Dollars! And that is only from Tesla which is one of many businesses of his. This company started just 17 years before 2020 and beat famous, comparatively old automobile companies such as Ford and GM which has famous cars such as Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro ‘69. All of these famous cars are passed by the clean energy, auto-driving cars of and affordable solar panels by Tesla . Wow! Could he, using his money from Tesla and other businesses that we’re going to mention afterwards, and become the first trillionaire on Earth?  


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Elon Musk was born in South Africa and he always liked to tinker with tech and was a geek from the start. He taught himself how to code without anybody else’s help and sold his first video game at the age of 12 in middle school. He had an entrepreneurial business mind from the absolute start guys. He was bullied and shoved back for his geekiness and people always made fun of him. But he proved them wrong right people? They must be working 9 to 5 everyday and he might be the first trillionaire ever. Payback! 


After he earned his degree in Physics and Economics. He says that “College is basically for fun and not for learning”. Afterwards, he went forward and formed up a startup with his brother Kimbal Musk named Zip2 which is fundamentally internet yellow pages and a map that included all the business. And let me remind you that this was well before the smartphone era. Afterwards, he sold this same startup in 1999 for more than 307 Million Dollars and he had earned more than 20 Million dollars only at the meek age of 28. Most people are looking for jobs at this age, and he had earned that much amount of money. 


And unlike other young entrepreneurs who earn money and spend it on luxury yachts, mansions, and drugs, he had more business in mind and invested in XCOM.  This was an online banking system which is now known as PayPal. He bought the domain name from XCOM.com and he made more than 165 million dollars! Eventually in October 2002, PayPal was purchased by Ebay at a cost of 1.65 Billion Dollars and Elon Musk owned 11 percent of the stocks which made him 181500000 dollars. And he was only at the age of 31 at that time. Most people are caring for their newborn babies at that time. He used this money to buy all other companies that we know of.   Moreover, Tesla has a value of 86.5 billion dollars as we mentioned before and Elon owns more than 38 million shares in it. He is doing perfect in his job. The variable part in this is that in 2018, Tesla announced that Elon Musk won’t be earning a penny from Tesla until he is able to almost double its value in less than 12 years. It is a near impossible job but nothing is impossible for Elon Musk right? It took him just a little more than a decade to being the bullied kid from South Africa to become a renowned millionaire in the US. He is THE guy. He has the nationality of Canada, The US, and South Africa all at the same time!! If he is able to double the company’s value in the given amount of time, he will own more than 183 billion dollars. These bucks will make him more wealthier than any other person on Earth including Jeff Besoz. 

He could basically give all the 1.39 billion people in China and still have tens of billion bucks left. That is astounding. 


Now doubling the value of Tesla, as I mentioned before, nothing is impossible for Elon Musk and he managed to increase the sales to 280 percent! And other sideline projects and products’ sales increased by more than 55%! He is slowly and steadily moving towards that trillionaire goal and you guys all know, slow and steady wins the race. 


He also has his other fingers in other revolutionary technology which makes him big bucks. One of his well-known venture is SpaceX and if you search him on Google, he will come as “The CEO of SpaceX” The SpaceX basically builds amazing rocket engines, private space flights flying from the busy city of Los Angeles which has a population of about 4 million. Imagine how terrified the residents would be living there. And this tacky venture has an estimated value of 33 billion dollars. They intend to colonize the Planet Mars, create publicly affordable space flights, and continue the American Spaceflight program which is disconnected for more about 9 years.Americans last sat on a rocket in 2011.  


They also plan to launch satellites all over the perimeter of Earth and provide free internet to everybody in the world. It is estimated to bring more than 170 billion dollars once it is functional and providing free internet across the globe to governments to businessmen to students to teachers to basically everyone. The Man himself owns 54% of SpaceX shares and that will put more than 91 billion dollars in his bank account. The company is currently private and if Elon decides to make it public, it is quite hard to predict how much more Elon will earn. Approximately more than 40 billion a year. Do you think the company will go public and Elon will earn this much money? Pause the video and comment down below what you think. We value your opinion 


So continuing. So Elon Musk does not only own Tesla and SpaceX, that is too easy for him. He also owns The Boring Company which basically plans to create underground tunnels which run from all the way to Seattle from Los Angeles and is available to Tesla and other electric vehicles specifically. People will be swooning to get their electric cars so they can access the boring tunnel. It doesn’t appear to be that much profitable but its profit is 5-folds every single dollar Elon spends. And guess what? Elon Musk owns about 90% of the equity which gets him 4.5-folds into his bank account. This is a lot of money combined with the hundreds of billions in his space and automobile companies. 


 Not only tunnels, but it makes flamethrowers for fun. FOR FUN, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Their site is completely hilarious and they openly mock their overpriced flamethrowers and fire extinguisher which is sold for “exorbitant amounts of money” It is also mentioned for the fire extinguisher that “You can definitely buy one for less elsewhere, but this one comes with a cool sticker and the button is conveniently riiiight above.( the buying button is present there) Elon Musk, rich or not, sure has a good humor. 


He also is the major owner of the company Neuralink which is a neurotechnology company which has a mission to make and implant robotic chips into our brains which eventually leads to trans humanism(trans humanism advocates the evolution of human through complicated and extensively researched upon technologies which enhance human capabilities to a great extent). Neuralink has stayed very secret but its headquarters are based in San Francisco. IT was reported to carry out animal-involved.experiments in their headquarters and they suspiciously moved their headquarters to University of California, Davis. It is unknown how much  Elon will benefit from this adventure of his but Microsoft recently invested 1 billion dollars in Neuralink, which is a pretty strong factor to convince that something great at technologically advanced is going to emerge from there. 

 His life must be very busy from all these ventures. He must be getting a million calls from million ventures of his. God knows how he manages it all, And he manages it very well. He is well known for his jokes and dance videos which are viral across YouTube and other video websites. 


Elon recently had a conversation with Lt.Gen John Thompson and said that the “era of fighter jets is over”. He says that the USAF should build a drone to the latest and the most expensive aircraft Lockheed Martin F-35 which costs 1.5 trillion to the Pentagon and the taxpayers. He believes that if a counter drone to this airplane will not be built and research in this field will not be advanced, China shall pass the USA's economy by most probably 3 times. 


Moreover, Elon recently had a child with his girlfriend Grimes. Her real name is Claire Boucher who was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, attended a school that specializes in creative arts and is now a musician, songwriter and producer. Elon is not expected to do something normal right? He named his daughter X Æ A-12 which is a name that has never been heard or seen before. 

  According to his podcast with PowerfulJRE, Elon says that the correct pronunciation is “X Ash A Twelve”. While some people say it is pronounced as “Kyle” or “Masha”, the correct pronunciation has still not been deciphered. Elon proudly says that the last part of the daughter's name ‘A-12’ is contributed by him and named after his favorite aircraft model Lockheed A-12 which is a ‘pretty cool airplane’ in his vision. Imagine being named after your dad’s favorite airplane model guys. Pretty funny right? 


Elon Musk right now is worth more than 40 billion US dollars and is ranked on the 23rd richest man on the planet right now. But that might be changing in some time as Elon is currently flying in the race and most probably will pass everybody on the list and take the throne all for himself. What do you guys think? Do you think he will be the first trillionaire or not? Will beat Jeff Besoz, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Mukesh Ambani with all his technologically advanced and revolutionary ventures? Comment down below. 


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